Learn Coding from Scratch

List of things to do when learning Programming from scratch

Learning how to code can be quite daunting. The word code is enigmatic by definition. It involves a technological form of communication with computers, not humans, are supposed to understand.

Things to have if you want to learn coding

  • Have Laptop and Desktop
  • Stable Internet
  • Learn for at least 2 – 4 hours a day
  • Learn in a quiet environment.
  • Things to have if you want to learn coding

    • Choose the Right Language.
    • Learn by Coding (Not Reading)
    • Understand the Fundamentals and Concept
    • Practice Coding as you Learn

      • You can access free learning platforms on your browser through search engine like freecodecamp.org and scrimba.org
      • Learn on YouTube
      • Buy programming book 
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